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Coffee-Related Clip of the Week

Coffee is for closers.

Starring Alec Baldwin in the role of “Val”


Hip-Hop Showdown

Word has it Tom Hanks’ son is now attending Northwestern University, and he’s poised to take the Evanston hip-hop world by storm. Determined to make it without his father’s prominent name to back him up, this sucka MC calls himself Chet Haze. But he may be up against tougher competition than he realizes… can he face the fierce beats and intricate verbal stylings of two Unicorn Cafe regulars? You be the judge:

Chet Haze, give it your best shot:


I smell a collab… or a battle. Either way, this is about to get explosive.

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Coffee-Related Clip of the Week

This one comes in two parts:

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Quiet Cafe, Wonky Hours, and Mark is Back!

Mark, the maker of the finest latte this side of Sherman Ave, is back barista-ing at the Unicorn over the holiday season. Come by! See how masculine the Unicorn can be with two bearded guys behind the counter! And maybe if he likes you enough, he’ll whip you up one of his signature maple lattes.

Also… It’s so slow! Our yearly Evanston exodus has taken place and we are cozied up together, reading books, chit chatting, and relishing the brief week and a half of empty-ish tables. But you should still come in. Have a hot chocolate and ignore your worries.

And we have some different hours around Christmas and New Year to tell you all about.

Christmas eve: the cafe is open 8am-3pm

Christmas Day: We are Closed!

Boxing Day (26th): the cafe is open 8am-3pm

Normal, 6:30am-8pm hours, that interim holiday week

New Years Eve: the cafe is open 8am-3pm

New Years Day: the cafe is open 1pm-4pm for a BLUEGRASS CONCERT EXTRAORDINAIRE! Come dance! Warm up with a hot cider after jumping in the lake!

Merry Christmas, folks!

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Baby, My Heart is Back! And He Brought a Couple Friends.

My Heart is in Beef City, our popular new roast beef sandwich, will be back for you Unis at lunchtime today. Roast beef, swiss, German mustard, radishes, sprouts, and our housemade garlic aoili served up on a Bennison’s organic baguette. oh joy.

Also introducing the Sweet Lorraine, a grilled cheese with a bit of ‘tude (as the kids say… right?) melty swiss, tart green apple, watercress, and dijon grilled to perfection on Bennison’s 6 grain bread.

Aaaaaand Brendan’s back! Which means Soup and Granola are back (or will be by the end of the day, at least….)

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Sandies and Soup Specials Thursday Aug 5

Last day of the My Heart is in Beef City and the Veggie Beetniks and introducing the Vegan BLT~ Portabella mushrooms masquerading as bacon, tomatoes, pursilane, green olive tapenade and tahini on a Bennison’s mini-baguette.

Soup– Corn Chowdah

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Sandwiches revisited

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New Sandwiches, Dawning of a New Age

Hello my hearties. Very exciting things are happening at the cafe. We’ve had a major upgrade in the sandwich-front, first adding fresh basil to all the paninis and now serving up our sandies made with super fresh, organic, local, and award winning (and delicious, but you knew that) Bennison’s Bread! This is great news for us, not only because everything that touches the subtlety sweet and seedy (in a good way) multi-grain turns to gold, but because we’re able to support an awesome local business who so far has been nothing but wonderful to us.

In addition to all the sandwiches you have come to know and love, we’re also going to have some cold sandwiches and will rotate varieties every few days based completely on what’s abundant at market, what’s seasonal and fresh, and, naturally, my whims.

Today’s Sandwiches:

Veggie Beetnik: marinated and grilled organic golden beets, grilled red onions, tomatoes, organic cucumbers, cream cheese, summer herb vinaigrette on a mini-baguette.

My Heart is in Beef City: Roast beef, swiss, organic radishes, sundried tomatoes, purslane, german mustard, dill aioli on a mini baguette.

Also check out our basil-infused lemonade! It’s summer at the Unicorn, baby!

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Coffee-Related Clip of the Week

These men might be in the wrong line of work:

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BP Spills a Coffee!!