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Happy birthday Unicorn! Introducing: Alterra!

Hello faithful Unicorns. We are so excited to be celebrating two great things this week:

1.) Firstly, it is the Unicorn’s twentieth birthday! Our little cafe is moving away from its angsty teenage years and into young-adulthood. It is thanks to you, our wonderful customers, and that we have had twenty amazing years in downtown Evanston. We are so grateful to each of you for making our community what it is. We look forward to another twenty years of giving you great coffee and service in exchange for good conversation and your smiles.

2.) In celebration of our twentieth birthday, we are also unveiling a huge change. We are thrilled to announce that we will now be serving Alterra Coffee! While we are sad to part ways with Metropolis, and exceptionally grateful for all they have taught us about amazing coffee, we are confident in our new partnership with Alterra. It is truly that: a partnership. Alterra is committed to our little cafe, and we are committed to showcasing their great coffee. Notice those fancy new tables outside? All thanks to Alterra! We are growing and moving forward in exciting directions, and we are so happy to share that with you, our customers.


We will be celebrating Der Einhorn’s twentieth birthday on SUNDAY JULY 24! From 12pm – 2pm, come on in and try out a delicious cup of Alterra Coffee (hot or iced!) on us! We are so excited for you to try it out and get a taste for Alterra.



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Introducing…Rishi Tea!

The Unicorn is happy to announce that we will now be getting many of our teas from Rishi Tea. Metropolis Coffee, who provided us with tea for the past six years, has decided to move away from tea. They were kind enough to introduce us to Rishi, and we are so excited about this new partnership.  Rishi’s commitment to quality and the rich history of tea has taught us so much, and we are proud to share their teas with you. We are especially pleased at their focus on organic growing and Fair Trade standards.  We have made a few changes to our tea list based on suggestions from the experts at Rishi (but we’ve tried to keep all your old favorites!) We are thrilled to now be offering iced green tea, iced blueberry rooibos, masala chai, and turmeric ginger (just to name a few!) We hope you come to love Rishi as much as we do.

. Check out what Rishi has to say: http://www.rishi-tea.com/rishi-origin.php

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Unicorn-Related Clip of the Week

….If Nuglah were in the Chet Haze/Dimestore Freddy/Dan the Wank showdown, I think he’d win.



Oh little unicorns, I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you: the Unicorn is composting!

Landfills, the destination of the majority of our garbage, are filling up rapidly. They are closing at a rate of 1 per day in the country, and space is running out. But so much of our waste never needs to hop on that truck to end up at a landfill. At the Unicorn, 80% of the waste we produce is compostable or recyclable. Now, that waste is going towards making healthy gardens instead of rotting in a landfill! Coffee grounds, veggie scraps, and newspapers make delicious, rich compost! It takes thousands of years for the earth’s natural processes to build up good soil, but the addition of composting cuts down that process to just a few short years. The Unicorn is helping healthy gardens grow!

We give our compost to Collective Resources, Inc., a local company that collects compost from homes and small businesses. We also donate our grounds to a local gardener/farmer. We are so please to be reducing our carbon footprint, and improving our local community at the same time.

You can compost at home too! All of these things can be saved from going to a landfill:
Veggie scraps
Coffee grounds/tea
Newspapers, paper
Yard trimmings

Want to start composting as well? Try these sites:

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Coffee-Related Movie Clip of the Week

wait for it…

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Cash moneyyyyyyy

Hello lovely Unicorn family,

We wish it weren’t so, but we have had to raise our prices this week. We are so sorry to pass this cost onto you, but it is a necessary evil. We, as coffee retailers, are dependent on our wholesalers- when they make changes in coffee pricing, we must as well. Metropolis, the Chicago microroaster that supplies our delicious beans, had to raise their whole bean prices as the commodity price of coffee increased 72%. It is in part due to lower supplies because of poor harvests, but also because there is an ever-increasing, world-wide demand as specialty coffee becomes more and more popular. Though we have had to raise prices by about a dime across the board, we promise you that we have tried to pass along as little of the price increase as possible. We want our prices to be fair, and we want you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at the lowest price possible.  We love you all, and want you to still be part of our strange, wonderful, Unicorn family.

PLUS you can get the cheapest Metropolis beans in all of Chicago and Evanston on bulk coffee Fridays!

If you are still curious about why coffee as a commodity is becoming more and more expensive, check out these great links. They have certainly helped us understand the situation.

A video about how/why coffee prices are rising in almost all shops across the country: http://money.cnn.com/video/news/2011/02/25/n_coffee_price.cnnmoney/

A New York Times article explaining why harvests have suffered in recent months: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/10/science/earth/10coffee.html?_r=1&scp=3&sq=coffee&st=cse

We so greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this situation- we know a change like this can be frustrating, but we hope that in the coming weeks, our smiles and service are a reminder to you of why you come to the Unicorn in the first place.



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Meat Pies! Holy cow!

Hello lovely friends,

I’m here with news of a most delicious addition to the Unicorn menu. SAVORY PIES! Can you even believe it? I know I can’t. Hoosier Mama is making my pie dreams come true- now every friday, in addition to getting a tasty sweet pie delivered (apple, peanut butter, cranberry pear walnut, oh my!) we are ALSO getting a fresh baked savory pie. Every week, we will have for you one of the following delicious treats:

-Pork apple sage! (crumbly pork sausage spiced up with mustard seed, bold sage, sweet crunchy apples, and potatoes!)

-Curried winter vegetable! (a thrilling vegetarian delectable. Veggies like turnips and potatoes in a yummy curry gravy, all folded up in Hoosier Mama’s famous crust.)

– Chicken pot pie! (my personal favorite, it tastes just like my Ma’s pie, but don’t tell her that! Chicken and carrots and peas and potatoes! Yum yum yum.)

Come in and try it out! Delicious cold, or tossed on the grill.

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Chet Haze Strikes Back

MC Fred Meyer and Dan the Wank, you just got served.

You suckas got anything to say…?



I love love.  The art show this month at the Unicorn Café is compiled of love letters that patrons of the Unicorn shared over the years in our “LOVE LETTERS” book.  These letters capture the entire gamut of emotion surrounding love: silliness, passion, sarcasm, joy, pain, desire, and so many more.  I believe it is important to acknowledge this wonderful part of the human condition- in all its manifestations.  Thank you to everyone who shared their letters of love.  If you want to write your own Love Letter please do.  The Love Letters book is located in back of the pew.