Hey Evanston!

Hey Evanston!  Come and visit the Unicorn.  There are seats open and waiting for you.  The nu kiddies have spread their wings and are dispersed all over the world leaving a chair for YOU to sit and enjoy a cupcake, coffee, soup, pie or whatever Unicorn treat your heart desires.  See you soon! Advertisements

Good Morning to All!!

The Unicorn is one of Evanston’s favorite places to relax, read, write and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Located a few blocks from Northwestern University, the Unicorn houses an excellent mix of locals and students.  Come enjoy some Alterra coffee, a wide selection of loose leaf teas, morning pastries that we bake in-house, delicious paninis […]

Valentine’s Day Specials <3

Whether you love Valentine’s day or think “F*** cupid, this day is a waste of time”, The Unicorn has some special things in store for you – because we love you and love. We will be featuring Alterra’s Supreme Love roast which is a blend of Rwandan and brazil.  Delicious.  Also featured, Honey Bee Latte […]

Happy New Year!

2012 is going to be awesome- or the end of the world.  In either case the Unicorn is happy to be in your life.  Here are a few things happening at the café: The Unicorn has a loyalty app through downtown Evanston.  Go to the app store and download the Downtown Evanston app for free.  […]

Support Small Business Saturday

Support Small Business Day is Saturday, November 26th.  I like this day because it is a reminder that what makes our communities special are the small businesses within it.  Here are some great reasons why you should support the Unicorn and the other fantastic local small businesses in Evanston: Reinvesting:  More of the money spent […]

SweetPerk Loyalty App!!!!

Hey Custies- The Unicorn joined up with Sweetperk to bring you a loyalty app.!  This is very exciting and should be especially celebrated by you regulars who drink a cup of coffee with us every day.  Download this free app at http://www.sweetperk.com and find the Unicorn.  We are currently offering two deals: -Buy 10 full […]

We Belong: Love for the Unicorn Community

When I first moved to Evanston from New York City what made me fall in love with the Unicorn was the sense of community and belonging I felt there while sipping my cup of coffee.  It was such juxtaposition from the cold fast pace I had left in New York and it was very cathartic.  […]

Third Places

Yesterday Emily Mitnick revisited the Unicorn.  It was her “third place” while she studied at Northwestern.  She blogged about her experience. Thanks so much for sharing Emily! Check it out at this link. Third Place Share what is/was your Third Place?  What do you look for in it? love!

The Unicorn gets Musical

This weekend we are going to be getting our groove on.  Friday and Saturday night (August 5th and 6th)  from 6:30-8pm you can hear some inspiring live music at the Unicorn.  Friday, Will Compernolle (you’ve had his coffee now hear his music…) will play for us.  Saturday we get jazzy with an improv jazz group.  […]

Why Alterra?

Though our switch to Alterra Coffee may come as quite out of the blue, it is a decision that we here at the Unicorn have been carefully considering for some time. We wanted to let y’all in on just why we are making this change, and why we are so confident in our decision. 1.) […]