Coffee-Related Movie Clip of the Week

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Chet Haze Strikes Back

MC Fred Meyer and Dan the Wank, you just got served. You suckas got anything to say…?

Coffee-Related Clip of the Week

Coffee is for closers. Starring Alec Baldwin in the role of “Val”

Hip-Hop Showdown

Word has it Tom Hanks’ son is now attending Northwestern University, and he’s poised to take the Evanston hip-hop world by storm. Determined to make it without his father’s prominent name to back him up, this sucka MC calls himself Chet Haze. But he may be up against tougher competition than he realizes… can he […]

Coffee-Related Clip of the Week

This one comes in two parts:

Sandies and Soup Specials Thursday Aug 5

Last day of the My Heart is in Beef City and the Veggie Beetniks and introducing the Vegan BLT~ Portabella mushrooms masquerading as bacon, tomatoes, pursilane, green olive tapenade and tahini on a Bennison’s mini-baguette. Soup– Corn Chowdah

Coffee-Related Clip of the Week

These men might be in the wrong line of work:

BP Spills a Coffee!!

Coffee-Related Movie Scene of the Week

Coffee-Related Movie Scene of the Week