Our little history

After working as a barista in the cafe, Tracie bought the Unicorn from the original owners in 2003, rescuing our little Uni from the fate of being bought out by a big coffee chain.  Today, the Unicorn is one of Evanston’s favorite places to relax, read, write and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Located a few blocks from Northwestern University, the Unicorn houses an excellent mix of locals and students.  Come enjoy some Metropolis coffee, a wide selection of loose leaf teas, morning pastries that we bake in-house, delicious paninis and our famous, super fresh soup.  We also have free wi-fi, so stay awhile.


5 comments on “Our little history

  1. Stay a while? If I didn’t have to work, I’d never leave. Oh, no, then you’d have to sell beer too. Never mind.

    • Haha! I looked into it and the liquor licenses in Evanston are a bit too ridiculous to fathom. I suppose that’s what we get for living in the historical home of the temperance movement.

  2. I’m an old unicorn vet. I lived in Evanston from 1994 through 2001, and learned more medicine there than at lectures. I spent countless hours studying, hanging out with not-so-strangers, drinking coffee. I can still smell the place. I’m glad you guys are still around.

  3. Don’t blame the temperance union! Blame John Evans and the Methodists. Everyone blames Frances Willard for the stringent alcohol laws.
    There’s an exhibit about her at the university library. (I had nothing to do w/ it, truly.) Frances was a radical.

  4. I’ve been a regular at the Unicorn since it opened. The addition of “Soup by Brendan” a few years ago was a major enhancement. A salute to those barista stalwarts who have brought “right effort” to bear and have warmed our hearts with their good vibes. Stay Strong, Unicorn!

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