Oh little unicorns, I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you: the Unicorn is composting!

Landfills, the destination of the majority of our garbage, are filling up rapidly. They are closing at a rate of 1 per day in the country, and space is running out. But so much of our waste never needs to hop on that truck to end up at a landfill. At the Unicorn, 80% of the waste we produce is compostable or recyclable. Now, that waste is going towards making healthy gardens instead of rotting in a landfill! Coffee grounds, veggie scraps, and newspapers make delicious, rich compost! It takes thousands of years for the earth’s natural processes to build up good soil, but the addition of composting cuts down that process to just a few short years. The Unicorn is helping healthy gardens grow!

We give our compost to Collective Resources, Inc., a local company that collects compost from homes and small businesses. We also donate our grounds to a local gardener/farmer. We are so please to be reducing our carbon footprint, and improving our local community at the same time.

You can compost at home too! All of these things can be saved from going to a landfill:
Veggie scraps
Coffee grounds/tea
Newspapers, paper
Yard trimmings

Want to start composting as well? Try these sites:


3 comments on “COMPOSTING!

  1. yayayayay! thank goodness! about time! love you Unicorn!

  2. […] Being a coffee person, though, I’d like to believe that it’s their great beverages and pastries keep people coming back again and again. Besides serving top notch coffee from Alterra and making some of the best espresso beverages around, they also have a wide selection of teas (which, while working at Peet’s, I discovered is a really, really important thing for a coffee shop in Evanston to have—Evanstonians love their tea). Furthermore, the folks at Unicorn are very conscious of important social issues and make considerable effort to be the greenest coffee house in Evanston; when you’re there, it’s impossible not to notice all of the “organic,” “fair trade,” or “we recycle” signs all over the walls and menu boards. They even practice composting! […]

    • Drew-
      Hello! It’s Tracie, the owner of the Unicorn. Thanks for visiting the cafe and taking the time to write about it. I really like your blog- one of my favorite things to do is visit coffee shops and experience them- both the good and bad. That you take the time to share your experience is great. Hope to see you again…if you can get past all those longboards and pensive faces 😉
      All the best,
      Unicorn Cafe

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