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Cash moneyyyyyyy

Hello lovely Unicorn family,

We wish it weren’t so, but we have had to raise our prices this week. We are so sorry to pass this cost onto you, but it is a necessary evil. We, as coffee retailers, are dependent on our wholesalers- when they make changes in coffee pricing, we must as well. Metropolis, the Chicago microroaster that supplies our delicious beans, had to raise their whole bean prices as the commodity price of coffee increased 72%. It is in part due to lower supplies because of poor harvests, but also because there is an ever-increasing, world-wide demand as specialty coffee becomes more and more popular. Though we have had to raise prices by about a dime across the board, we promise you that we have tried to pass along as little of the price increase as possible. We want our prices to be fair, and we want you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at the lowest price possible.  We love you all, and want you to still be part of our strange, wonderful, Unicorn family.

PLUS you can get the cheapest Metropolis beans in all of Chicago and Evanston on bulk coffee Fridays!

If you are still curious about why coffee as a commodity is becoming more and more expensive, check out these great links. They have certainly helped us understand the situation.

A video about how/why coffee prices are rising in almost all shops across the country: http://money.cnn.com/video/news/2011/02/25/n_coffee_price.cnnmoney/

A New York Times article explaining why harvests have suffered in recent months: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/10/science/earth/10coffee.html?_r=1&scp=3&sq=coffee&st=cse

We so greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in this situation- we know a change like this can be frustrating, but we hope that in the coming weeks, our smiles and service are a reminder to you of why you come to the Unicorn in the first place.




One comment on “Cash moneyyyyyyy

  1. Dear Voice of Unicorn:

    First, thanks for providing the background information on the need to raise the price for a “cuppa joe.” I’m generally eager to know — and fascinated by — the “why” that drives the “what, where, and how.”

    Second, does the Voice of Unicorn have a name? Does VoN share its name…or is VoN a very shy creature?

    ~ FRED (rhymes with Ned)

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