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Meat Pies! Holy cow!

Hello lovely friends,

I’m here with news of a most delicious addition to the Unicorn menu. SAVORY PIES! Can you even believe it? I know I can’t. Hoosier Mama is making my pie dreams come true- now every friday, in addition to getting a tasty sweet pie delivered (apple, peanut butter, cranberry pear walnut, oh my!) we are ALSO getting a fresh baked savory pie. Every week, we will have for you one of the following delicious treats:

-Pork apple sage! (crumbly pork sausage spiced up with mustard seed, bold sage, sweet crunchy apples, and potatoes!)

-Curried winter vegetable! (a thrilling vegetarian delectable. Veggies like turnips and potatoes in a yummy curry gravy, all folded up in Hoosier Mama’s famous crust.)

– Chicken pot pie! (my personal favorite, it tastes just like my Ma’s pie, but don’t tell her that! Chicken and carrots and peas and potatoes! Yum yum yum.)

Come in and try it out! Delicious cold, or tossed on the grill.


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