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New Sandwiches, Dawning of a New Age

Hello my hearties. Very exciting things are happening at the cafe. We’ve had a major upgrade in the sandwich-front, first adding fresh basil to all the paninis and now serving up our sandies made with super fresh, organic, local, and award winning (and delicious, but you knew that) Bennison’s Bread! This is great news for us, not only because everything that touches the subtlety sweet and seedy (in a good way) multi-grain turns to gold, but because we’re able to support an awesome local business who so far has been nothing but wonderful to us.

In addition to all the sandwiches you have come to know and love, we’re also going to have some cold sandwiches and will rotate varieties every few days based completely on what’s abundant at market, what’s seasonal and fresh, and, naturally, my whims.

Today’s Sandwiches:

Veggie Beetnik: marinated and grilled organic golden beets, grilled red onions, tomatoes, organic cucumbers, cream cheese, summer herb vinaigrette on a mini-baguette.

My Heart is in Beef City: Roast beef, swiss, organic radishes, sundried tomatoes, purslane, german mustard, dill aioli on a mini baguette.

Also check out our basil-infused lemonade! It’s summer at the Unicorn, baby!


One comment on “New Sandwiches, Dawning of a New Age

  1. Yummy! I can’t wait to get back on campus at Northwestern and try these sandwiches!

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