So Where’s Your Bottled Water?

Guess what Evanstonians? The Unicorn is no longer going to carry bottled water in an effort to curb America’s thirst for a pointless, destructive product. We will still carry the La Croix sparkling water and all the rest of our bottled juices, but the bottles of water will be no more. Since clean, purified water is a requirement for good espresso, we have an excellent filtration system on all the taps in the cafe. We always have self-serve cold water available if you’re sticking around and we will be more than happy to fill up your own water bottle (or a to-go cup for ten cents) if you need some hydration for the road. But since the bottled water we were buying and charging you almost $2 for probably gushed out of a very similar faucet as the one in the cafe, we’ve decided to save you some bucks and do something nice for mama earth to boot.

Have 5 minutes? Check out this awesome mini-movie called “The Story of Bottled Water”


2 comments on “So Where’s Your Bottled Water?

  1. I feel happy to hear this! go unicorn! I feel proud of this decision! I love you guys

  2. When are you going to start selling bottled air? I know regular air is free, but the bottled stuff just tastes better to me.

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