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love letter

Oh Dearest little Uni-love,

the ways you have nourished me are abundant.  Since I have come to know you as intimately as I have, my life continues to blossom.  I have found friends, food, love, community, a safe space- when I do not want to be alone, when I want to read, when I want to write, when I want to do crossword puzzles, when I want to drink tea, when I want to laugh and tell stories.

There are so many things about you that I appreciate.  I love the way you flow, from minute to hour to day to month to year- the challenges and lessons and joys.  I love the quiet when business is ‘slow’ and I love the bustle when we are busy.  I love the days when I am sleepy sleepy and the days when I am bursting with bliss and excitement.  I love what I consider to be the magic that is here and the way the Unicorn has supported me in my healing and discovery and life-ing.  I love the way we all come together as ourselves and make coffee and talk and do chores.

I love the people with whom I work and the freedom I feel to do and be here.  and I love the ways things are always okay, time after time after time, continual okay-ness (in my perception).  I love that people still want to come here, even when there are no seats available and they have to share a table with a not so strange or slightly strange stranger.

I wonder what this place was like in 1991 (anyone??).  or 1998 (???).  I first came here in 2002, occasionally, as a freshman in college.  I even came here on a date in 2004.  and then when Jeremy worked here, I would come here before class early in the morning and eat a yogurt and drink passion plum tea in the 16 ounce stein.  AND THEN.  when I returned to Evanston in 2005 looking for work and a new path in my life, and my dear beloved sweet May (at that point unknown to me) said, “I’d hire you right now, but you’ve got meet Tracie first.”  and when I met Tracie, she was wearing a dirndl.  mmmm.  oh little Uni.

and then the rest is what it is and has been.  what a lucky girl I am to know and love you Uni!  I wonder how long you will continue to be the quirky, fun, kooky, cozy place that you are!

keep on, keeping on.  oh and I am full of love for you on this Valentine’s Day and everyday, my darling Uni.



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