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This, that and the other thing

Sorry to be so lax on the blogging– I’m trying to soak up as much sun as possible before our fabled mid-west winter hits again.  But there are some exciting things a-brewin’ at the little Uni and some exciting news to pass on, too (and, you know, my requisite “the hours are changing blah blah” part of the post.)

For starters, welcome to new barista Hillary!  She joins us from Dollop and already recognizes a couple of you Northsiders, so come give her an official Unicorn hello.

Resident musician and nice guy Steve Rashid of Cafe Underscore fame won a Chicago Emmy last week for his work scoring a documentary on midwest submarines.  Come give him a pat on the back after saying hello to Hillary!

We’re closing at 8pm on Friday so you all can have dinner with family and friends, go to movies, have a drink, or whatever it is you do on Friday nights when you aren’t at the Unicorn Cafe.  Enjoy your time off!  You earned it!

Will there be snow next week? The week after?  Eep, I am getting nervous!  Give a West Coast gal some winter-tips, please!


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