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Hey Y’all,

It’s Halloween tomorrow and for the Unicorn that means a few things: everyone who works here has some exciting party to attend and isn’t up for working Saturday night (so WE”LL BE CLOSING AT 6PM to get our spooky-groove on) and we’ll be giving away TREATS to anyone who dresses up.  And put some effort into it, please! Halloween is a time of family and friends, a time to spread joy to the world… a hark the herald fairies sing, sort of thing, you get me?  So dress your Halloween-best and get in here before 6.

Here are some wiki-how pages to boost your creativity:

How to make a Tulle Skirt

How to make a mask using foil and duct tape

Aside from the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Halloween is also the last Evanston Farmer’s Market, so get some delicatata squash before it’s too late!


One comment on “Halloween!

  1. important note!! Next week, November 7 is the last Evanston farmers market outdoors!

    come visit me at Henry’s farm!!!

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