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Machines need people.  Machines with the sole purpose of providing for people even need people.  And machines need more than just a little sweet lovin’ every day.  Some people feel this way about cars, we feel this way about our espresso machine.  An espresso machine, especially one used as often as ours, needs a lot of attention.  Aside from rinsing between each shot pulled, we “backflush” the machine between shifts (shoot clean water through its innards to clean out coffee gunk) and give it a deep cleaning each night.  But just like a well-loved and relied upon automobile, the espresso machine requires tune-ups every now and again.  And BOY do the shots taste awesome after we have a pro come in and give the machine some well-deserved attention.  And guess what?  We did that yesterday, which means you should come in today and get some of the tastiest espresso in town!


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