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Evanston Outdoors

Hey everybody!

Welcome back to all the NUnicorns who are starting to trickle back into Evanston.  Just some friendly reminders so your return won’t be marred by a ticket from the Polizei.  Don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk; the Police will set up ticket-traps (right outside of the cafe!) and stick you with a $40 ticket even if you are traveling a block.  In that same vein, don’t ride going the wrong way on a one way street.

When you come check out our outdoor seating, make sure to tie your pup at the meter, since the Unicorn will get fined by the health department if they are at the tables.  Likewise, when smoking be sure to go into the alley, or somewhere else that is 25 feet away from the cafe’s entrance.



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