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Our most media-savvy NUnicorn is at it again

After his incredibly profound insights on our woebegone youth became international news in the NYT, delightful NUnicorn Aaron couldn’t keep his hands out of the 15 minutes-of-fame-jar and now gets his banter on for  Check out his show, The Intern Asks and get a look at what Chicago-ites are saying about the latest (and […]

Revised Hours

Ok Ok Ok.  I swear the blog does NOT exist simply as a means for me to change the hours on you guys at every whim or fancy, but alas, here we go again…  The Unicorn will now be open: Monday through Friday from 6:30am-10pm Saturday from 6:30am-8pm Sunday from 7:30am- 8pm. Agreeable?  Let me […]


Machines need people.  Machines with the sole purpose of providing for people even need people.  And machines need more than just a little sweet lovin’ every day.  Some people feel this way about cars, we feel this way about our espresso machine.  An espresso machine, especially one used as often as ours, needs a lot […]

Why the Unicorn Doesn’t Take Credit Cards

Recently I decided to bring the Unicorn into the 21st century and start taking credit cards.  I was determined NOW was the right time to do this.  I had researched the option two years ago and decided against it as the fees were so high.  But this time it was different because I wanted to […]

New Late Night Hours/ New Blood

Starting Monday, 14 September, the Unicorn will be open until 10:00pm 7 days a week!  So that’s 6:30am-10pm Monday through Saturday and 7:30am-10pm Sunday.  See you there! Also come check out new-barista Kimberly!  She hails from Kansas City Mo via a stint at a few really awesome coffee shops in my home and native land, […]

We’re Open Labor Day

Or “Labour” Day to you Brits and Canucks, but I guess to you guys that would have been May 1st (or, excuse me, 1 May) But yes!  We’re Open!  While we at the Unicorn are all for a resting and relaxing day to honor workers, the Unicorn-Union decided almost unanimously that there is no better […]

Evanston Outdoors

Hey everybody! Welcome back to all the NUnicorns who are starting to trickle back into Evanston.  Just some friendly reminders so your return won’t be marred by a ticket from the Polizei.  Don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk; the Police will set up ticket-traps (right outside of the cafe!) and stick you with a […]