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new jersey coffee

Hello Unicorns!

I am in New Jersey!  and I sit drinking an Americano with cream…and I’m not sure if the coffee is really inexpensive here, or if the barista gifted me a deal.  mmm…  I think he gave me a deal!

a $2.43 americano


a $0.60 mini chocolate (Lake Champlain dark chocolates—yummmmm)

+ 7% sales tax


a $2.05 total bill



maybe he or I misread the sign??  I don’t know.  either way.

how nice.  It brings me a smile.

This cafe, Greene’s Beans Cafe, also known as Greene Brothers Specialty Coffee Roasters, has been at its location on High Street in downtown Hackettstown since 1995 (I think).  I probably only came here once or twice though in the 17.5 years I lived here.  Slash if I lived in Hackettstown now, I’d probably come here.  My cappuccino yesterday was not the cappuccino of my dreams, yet it satisfied my desire for something warm and coffee-y and a cozy space to stay.  and this place is cozy!  There are 8 chairs here and two couches that probably seat 3 tight-knit teenagers (2 adults who might want a little more space).  There is wireless internet and eclectic music (even though it is only 8:30 a.m. we are listening to Jimi Hendrix “Castles Made of Sand” and “Little Wing”…I love New Jersey and classic rock and jam bands…such is my history).

and last night at a friend’s family’s house we drank some hazelnut flavored melitta coffee with cream, and I am not a coffee snob.  Did you know that about me?  Sometimes I drink instant coffee.  And at home we usually make pot coffee, boiling fine grinds in a pot of water.  I appreciate coffee and company.

p.s. Greene’s Beans has some good-looking teas.  I’m waiting for my momma to get here to try some.

See you soon little Unicorns.  I’ll be back by the weekend–  until then!


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