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new hobbies and ventures!

Some new news!

I am training to run the Chicago Marathon with my friend, Daniel!  on October 11!  We have discovered an inspiration and bliss and light in us that has led us to run run!  and to explore the capabilities of our movement!  We are celebrating!

We are running for an organization, Fundación Mazahua (http://www.fundacionmazahua.org.mx/), that aids indigenous
peoples in central Mexico (the Mazahua).  They are building a clinic and farming prickly pear cacti, for health, food and funds.  We have pledged to raise $1000 by August 17, 2009.  Thus.  Any donations will be useful and appreciated.

If interested in donating, donations would be best given to us directly. Contact us, we can go pick it up, or drop it off at The Unicorn.

Checks can be made out to Daniel Escutia or Rebekah Albert

If it is easier, you can donate via paypal.  Just follow this link to our blog and then follow the directions:

I am grateful for time, potential donations and support.  Thankfully-



One comment on “new hobbies and ventures!

  1. val says “do it!”

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