Cafe Underscore

Ever wonder what is going on in the head of that person across the table from you?  Find yourself drifting away from your own studying to wonder what kind of person that weird bearded barista is? Curious about the guy in the corner with the piano keyboard connected to his laptop?  Well, he may not have answers for you, but he has wondered the same things as well.

Steve Rashid is our resident composer, machiatto drinker, and nice guy.  While composing music for films and television at the Unicorn, he has often taken breaks by composing soundtracks, or underscores, for the people who surround him day-in and day-out at the cafe.  He compiled these tangential tunes in a new website called cafeunderscore.com which features the mini-soundtracks alongside photos taken by our ever-talented and often-gallivanting barista Trillia (she’s now in Argentina until December, harumph).

Check out the website, it’s awesome!  And keep checking back, because soon the songs will be available to purchase off Cdbaby and iTunes.


3 comments on “Cafe Underscore

  1. I LOVE THIS MUSIC! Not only does it work magnificently as atmosphere for the strange characters in the surreal world of the Unicorn — it comforts and inspires as it underscores my life, my work! And it makes me laugh, too.

    I’m addicted!

    It’s raw, it’s mysterious, it’s elegant and lovely.

    I want more. My life has improved since the instant the underscoring arrived. Kudos to Rashid — is the accent on the first or the second syllable?

  2. OMIGOD. I just used “Ecce Philologus” as underscore for a photo album on IPHOTO and it was stunning! My daughter’s graduation just took on a whole new meaning, thanks to Steve Rashid and his genius!

    Thank you Steve.!!!!!

  3. Rashiiiiiiiiid!

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