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Where’s Tracie?

How come when you arrive at the Unicorn Café I (Tracie) am not there? Do you imagine me swinging in a beachside hammock or sipping fancy drinks at upscale lounges or maybe curled in a fleece blanket on the couch watching Oprah? Sadly only the latter is true (Who can resist Oprah’s raw enthusiasm at 9am? It is almost as good as coffee).
Working behind the counter is just part of what I do for the Unicorn. I try to work about three shifts a week because I truly enjoy interacting with YOU and it makes me appreciate how hard the other Unicorn staff work.
My Unicorn work extends to my home as the cafe has no room for mundane activities like office work. I attempt to push all office work to the fringes of my life. Imagine a beautiful garden with a perimeter of weeds. The weeds in this metaphor are the bills, license applications, taxes, anything to do with QuickBooks, and banking. The garden is all else Unicorn.
Another Unicorn activity that takes me away from the café is visiting Restaurant Depot. This topic is so hilarious and awful it will probably merit its very own blog article. In short, I stock the café on ingredients/food/cleaners etc. If you’re lucky you may see me unloading my car (Sir Pum Pum) in the alley one day- normally Monday or Thursday.
Fixing the café can lead me outside the Unicorn as well. Last month I took the slicer and panini grill in to get fixed. Orchestrating these events can be challenging. For example, taking the panini grill to countryside IL at 6am so it would be back in Evanston for lunch at the Unicorn. I also like to scope out used restaurant stores and sales for things the café might need.
The next time you wonder where I am, feel free to imagine any of the above…or me in a beachside hammock- that’s ok too.


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  1. bad unicorn!

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