Coffee Shop Travels with Tracie

When traveling I undoubtedly must check out cafe’s and coffee shops. I drag my travel companions (mostly they are willing) with me. Sometimes we hit up two or three a day. Maybe this qualifies me as a coffee snob, but I like to think of myself as a coffee explorer. I do this to inspire thoughts for the Unicorn and to sample coffees from other roasters. I like to discover what people in other regions consider to be “the best”.
Here are some of my favorite spots. If you are heading to any of these cities check them out.

I grew up in Waukesha WI and there were no independent coffee shops at that time. The addition of the Steaming Cup to downtown Waukesha is a stroke of brilliance. I am impressed with their latte art and truly great coffee every time. The atmosphere is relaxing and I sometimes wish I could work there. http://steamingcupwaukesha.com/default.aspx

When visiting my Dad in Michigan I insist upon visiting JP’s coffee and espresso bar. They are hardcore about coffee and even more hardcore about being a quality barista. They have an entire separate store for espresso training with multiple espresso machines. That being said every drink is made with great care and all their work is evidenced by a truly delicious drink. http://www.jpscoffee.com/

On a recent visit with my sister in Boston I tried numerous coffee and tea spots. My favorite, however, was a cafe in the south end, The Buttery. It was a quaint place in a quaint neighborhood and made me feel good. They also served up a mean cinnamon scone. http://www.southendbuttery.com/site/

When visiting San Pedro, Belize it was more difficult finding a coffee shop. I suppose that when you live in such a beautiful place the last thing you want to do is sit in a cafe all day. After a bit of searching The Hummingbird cafe was discovered. It was a truly unique experience. Their espresso machine is maybe as big as a lunch box. The drink was unexpectedly tasty. They added coconut flavoring to my latte and I thought this was fitting and delicious.

New York City has a lot of great cafe’s but my favorite is 71 Irving Place. This coffee shop is inspiring; from their waffles to their coffee it is a tasty experience. http://www.irvingfarm.com

Share your coffee shop travels with us and let us know where we can get a good coffee when we are away from the Unicorn.



4 comments on “Coffee Shop Travels with Tracie

  1. Tracie.. this is great. Maybe you should forward this article to the cafe’s mentioned?

  2. great shout-outs tracie! you do indeed have great taste and i dig your picks!!!

  3. I like this! I second your notion on JP’s, in Holland, Michigan.
    Some more spots…
    -I just went to a new coffee shop in Zeeland, Michigan, Main Street Beanery. It’s connected to a flower shop, and serves locally roasted coffee from Saugatuck, Michigan.
    -Growing up we used to all go to Greens Beans in Hackettstown, New Jersey.
    -In Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, I used to like Coffee Hound.
    -In Eureka, Illinois, I trained some baristas at Mika’s. it’s cozy cozy with some great sandwiches and baked goods.
    -In Moroleon-Uriangato, Guanajuato, Mexico, I liked Cafe Costeño. It’s a small local chain.

  4. This is cool! I love independent coffee houses.

    I used to love going to Filter coffeeshop in Bucktown. Sadly, that place bit the dust not too long ago and I have not found a similar place in the neighborhood. But they had great coffee and awesome wraps.

    When visiting my friends in Des Moines, IA, I like a place called Java Joe’s – located downtown, it is a very big cozy room and a nice gathering place for musicians.

    When in Alma, Colorado I used to walk to the Alma Organic Coffee Shop for a nice pick-me-up and a sandwich. It is a great town to stay in, and makes for a nice stop when you are traveling between Breckenridge and Denver.

    When in Amsterdam, I enjoyed visiting a coffeeshop called Katsu. I highly recommend it.

    …And at my Alma Mater in Iowa City, IA, I am split between either going to Fair Grounds Coffeehouse (http://www.fairgroundscoffeehouse.com/), or visiting one of my fondest places to have breakfast and coffee, The Hamburg Inn #2.

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