I learned a wonderful word last week: Fika, which is the Swedish verb for having coffee with a friend. According to Wikipedia, Fika is not limited to coffee (you could have tea, or hot chocolate) but you usually have a sweet of some kind along with it and must have conversation. (You can’t fika with yourself!) I discovered this from a blog called Smosch, where I’ve found some really delightful photos. A huge percentage of those photos are pictures of Sandra (the blogstress) and friends having coffee, or photos of said coffee and cookies before they are enjoyed. Here’s a link to the specific “Fika” post. Enjoy!

Side note: Last week at the Unicorn was so strange with the students gone! There was hardly any fika-ing at all, mostly singles reading or writing alone. Let the conversations recommence!  (and make sure to have a sweet to go along with them 🙂


2 comments on “Fika!

  1. But back in NJ, we used to say “Ahhh, go fika yourself” all the time! My Mom used to tell Dad that a lot, and he didn’t even like coffee.

    What? Spelled HOW?

    Never mind….

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