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New Addition to the Unicorn Family

Aside from Luke, who is wowing us with his delicious lattes three weeks in, we have another new and, dare I say it, just as awesome addition to the Unicorn Cafe. A gigantic, squeeze in and share it, dining room table! This baby has given the Uni 6 more chairs, which means those days of walking in at 1pm and not being able to find a seat are over. Just remember, this is a sharing table, so when the place is packed and there are other Unicorns milling about looking for a seat, budge up a bit and offer them the chair formerly occupied by your jacket. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend.

Stay tuned for the addition of a power strip, which will be much more exciting for those with laptops than for those reading about it in cyberspace.


One comment on “New Addition to the Unicorn Family

  1. I figured it was reserved for the Royal Order of Unicorns daily meeting….

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