It is almost Valentine’s day, my personal favorite of all holidays. For me, Valentine’s day beats out all religious, historical or cultural holidays. Why? Because it is all about LOVE. Since I was little Valentine’s has had a special place in my heart. An entire day celebrating love and letting people we love know it, what could be better? In high school I used to host an annual Valentine’s “get together”- all the food was red, white or pink. There was the Corner o’ love lit with red light bulbs, flower o’ passion (inspired by mistletoe), and ribbons, hearts, lace, strewn all over our house. I Love Valentine’s day. For those of you who grumble about it being a “hallmark holiday” I suggest you give it a whole hearted try. It is wonderful to see people light up at a single carnation or hard inedible candy heart. Perhaps it was my love of Valentine’s Day that inspired the Love Letters Journal at the Unicorn. It is a red leather book located on the back of the pew facing the window. It contains love letters, sketches and dreams of anonymous Unicorn patrons. Express your own Love this Valentine’s day or simply read what other’s have written. Above all, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! I truly love you all.



2 comments on “LOVE LOVE LOVE

  1. Thanks for the reminder abut the importance of “Love”! It is certainly something we all need and the more we express it to others, the more that comes back to us! I used to chaperone those Valentine Parties at home…it was very “festive” and from all appearances…a ton of fun! Happpy V-day to all Unicorns…especially my favorite one, Tracie!

  2. Some might say that love stinks.

    Some might say that love can cure all.

    And there are even those who simply say “I love the Unicorn”.

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