10 Ways to be a Greener Unicorn Patron

The Unicorn Cafe strives to be eco-conscious; we recycle and take steps to minimize waste. Here are some things You as our customer can do to help us in our effort to be more Green.

Tip 1:
Bring your own travel mug to the cafe. We give a ten cent discount to everyone who brings in their own cup. This saves the earth a paper cup and the water and soap it would take to wash it. The ultra green step! We also sell travel mugs for 12.00- it comes with a free cup of drip coffee too!

Tip 2:
Reuse your to-go caps. You can use your to-go cap more than once. Just throw it in your bag or purse after enjoying your coffee and reuse it the next time you come in.

Tip 3:
Reuse your Unicorn Cafe coffee sleeve. This is so simple and easy. Why throw all those sleeves away when they can be used again and again?

Tip 4:
If you order a sandwich at the cafe we normally give cantaloupe with it. If you know you are not going to eat your cantaloupe- ask for it without. This creates less waste.

Tip 5:
Leave your newspaper on our shelf after you are done reading it. Others can then enjoy your discarded news. This also works for magazines. If you are done with your National Geographic bring it to the cafe to share with others rather than throwing it out.

Tip 6:
Only take the amount of napkins you will actually use. This helps save trees…

Tip 7:
Reuse your brown paper bag we put your bagel in. You can use your bag over and over again!

Tip 8:
If you order soup or a sandwich to go let us know if you don’t need plastic utensils. We normally include these in your order so let us know and they won’t go to waste.

Tip 9:
Only take the amount of sugar packets you need and if you have extra put them back at the condiment counter rather than in the dish bin. This way they won’t get ruined by dirty dishes and the sugar is not wasted.

Tip 10:
Put your glass bottles in the dish bin rather than the garbage. The Unicorn recycles all paper, plastic and glass products.

Now you have all the tools you need to be a greener customer at the Unicorn! We are doing our best to help the environment and these tips will guide you on ways to help us become a greener Unicorn. Please let us know if you have any other ideas or tips!




2 comments on “10 Ways to be a Greener Unicorn Patron

  1. good tips Tracie… i’ll be reusing my lid and sleeve in the future… sorry if I have been taking too many sugars.

  2. I think these are important suggestions Trace! phew!
    As well, I suggest leaving your scrap food on your plate because you never know when your barista might be collecting the compostable materials to take home to put in his/her pile at home. Those cantaloupe rinds and oats might be food for my late summer heirloom tomatoes!!!

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