Unicorns at the Unicorn

I am often asked where we get all the Unicorns displayed in the Cafe. They did not come from a secret magical chest bestowed upon me at birth. They came from You and it certainly adds to the charm of the cafe. A surprising number of people own Unicorn statues or pictures they didn’t even know they had. Often people cannot recall where or when the item was collected (or is Mr. Or Mrs Muscian/Dr/Writer/Professor/Student/Lawyer/Person embarrassed to say they were drawn to the magical creature the Unicorn is and that they have a seceret unicorn obsession and their very own trunk of Unicorn paraphenalia…) and the element of surprise is what is truly mystical about them.
The following are just a few examples:
“This was just something I had lying in my garage.” Bronze Unicorn Statue
“I found this in my daughter’s room- I don’t think she’ll miss it.” Hollographic picture of Unicorns
“Found this at the thrift store and thought you had to have it.” Oil painted Unicorn clock
“I had this and thought it would be more appropriate here.” Fighting Unicorn play mobiles
“This was from my mothers glass figurine display.” Glass figurine Unicorn

The Unicorn thanks you for bringing your personal touches to the cafe. The unique array of Unicorns are oh, so appropriate here. All Unicorns are welcome to make the cafe their home.

Unicorn Love!


3 comments on “Unicorns at the Unicorn

  1. I donated a porcelain unicorn acquired at the thrift store that I decided would not travel with me to Mexico. It has chip in the ear. and a rainbow colored mane. unicorns rule!

  2. Tracie, do you know how the Unicorn got its name (The cafe, not the horse with one horn… though aside from the ‘uni,’ that one isn’t so obvious either)?

  3. I beg to differ, Tracie….you WERE born with a secret magical chest filled with unicorn paraphenalia…I ought to know…I am your Mother!! Love the new floors!


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